Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Driving While Stupid"

          The article "Driving While Stupid" by Dave Barry is about how Barry has driven in almost every major city. He has sen people putting on make up while driving, reading, eating, changing CD's, and even shaving behind the wheel. His most dangerous city was Miami. Between all the reckless driving and speeding, its the worst yet.
          This is very true! Even though I haven't driven in any major cities, I have had my fair share of seeing weird things on the road. I have witnessed someone shaving their face, picking their nose, painting their nails, and plucking their eye brows. It is extremely dangerous to be preoccupied with other things rather than watching the road. I have also noticed that people who are paying attention to other things speed, stop short, and are reckless drivers. These people are putting themselves ands other innocent people in danger. A couple years ago, there was a fatal accident on Route 44 near my house. Come to find out the women was putting on make up while driving. She was speeding and she lost control and hit a tree.
          People make very bad judgments everyday. If you need to shave your face or do your make up, start getting ready earlier so you have time to do that at home. Instead of endangering yourself and other people. People really need to start practicing safe driving. Putting on make up or reading a book at a red light is not as important as your life or someone else's.

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